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Full Roof Restorations

Turn your old cement, terracotta, or metal roof into the best looking roof in the street.

A full roof restoration is a great way to transform the appearance of your existing roof into something truly spectacular. Not only does it look fantastic, a full roof restoration also increases the value of your home, and helps reflect heat, keeping your entire home cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter.


Re-Cement of capping tiles.

During heavy weather, the cement which holds you capping tiles in place can erode and break away, resulting in leaks and broken capping tiles. We re-cement the tiles in place, swapping broken tiles with new ones.

Tile Replacement

The name says it all.

After years of alternately baking in the hot Australian sun, then freezing in the cold winter storms, the tiles on your roof can eventually crack, break, and parts can wash away. Replacing these tiles is the first step to a healthy roof.

Flashing Replacements

Stop your roof from leaking before it's too late!

Flashing is the metalwork which surrounds certain areas of your roof, such as chimneys and vents. Badly installed or warped flashing can wreak havoc on your roof, and even worse, inside you roof.

Terracotta Tile Sealing

Add years to the life of your terracotta roof.

Terracotta roofs never lose their color like cement tiles, however they do lose their glaze and can become mossy or mouldy. We can clean & re-glaze your terracotta tiles to look like new. A great investment for your roof!


The border of your roof.

All roof guttering will deterioriate in time. Rusted or poorly installed gutters are common problems for many home owners. Replacing your old gutters will new ones will greatly change the look of your entire house.

Valley Replacement

One of the most important parts of your roof.

A valley is the area where two opposing parts of your roof meet. It is critically important to maintain the valley flashing, and the underlying insulation, which prevents leakages and rotting of the supporting beams.

Cleaning and De-Mossing

Dramatically improve the look of your roof with a simple cleaning.

The fine pores in your roof tiles pick up an unexpected amount of dirt, grease and grime. Not to mention possum and bird droppings. You'll be amazed at the difference a high pressure cleaning can make to the appearance of your roof.

Gable Repairs

The face of your roof.

Gables are the (generally) triangular space of wall between to sloping areas of roof. Giving this part of your roof a facelift is a great way improve the look and quality of your roof. Call us today for a quote!

Colorbond Re-Roofing

Bring your colorbond roof back to life.

The appearance of colorbond steel affected by weathering can often be restored by re-painting. Call us today to organise a professional assessment to determine whether your colorbond roof is suitable for rework.

Zincalume Re-Roofing

Get your Zincalume roof looking like new.

Much like colorbond roofing, Zincalume can often be repainted. Call us today to organise a professional assessment to determine whether your Zincalume roof is suitable for rework.


One of the most important parts of your roof.

A roof that looks tired and needs repairing can add years on to the age of your property. One simple but effective roof repair that you can make is to have your roof pointing redone.